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The Ottawa Valley has some of the oldest rock in the world in our Canadian shield and deposited on top of that over 450 million years ago was sea mud which is now the Limestone outcroppings you see scattered amongst the shield’s Granite that is everywhere around Eganville. These are the top 7 sites you have to visit alone or with friends and family to get a true appreciation of the “Stories of our Earth” that abound in and around Eganville.

  1. The Bonnechere Caves – guided tours suitable for all ages go all summer long through this post glacial cave system formed in limestone from the Ordovician Time Period.
  2. Glacial Erratic – situated at the traffic lights in downtown Eganville this Erratic was deposited over 10,000 years ago for us to marvel at.
  3. Fossil Rock Wall – this artificial feature also situated in the downtown contains hundreds of invertebrate fossils from the Ordovician Time Period. Look for them or just enjoy the climb.
  4. Bonnechere Museum – situated at the traffic lights the museum is open for visitors all summer long. Learn about the geology of the area and also our community’s history.
  5. Fossil Hunt Geology Trail – located by the lower bridge in Eganville on John Street this site allows collectors the chance to find an invertebrate fossil.
  6. Monument to honor survivors of sexual violence - made of the many shades of ancient Ottawa Valley granite each stone was placed by over 250 people to create North America’s first monument to recognize survivors of sexual violence.
  7. Foymount Hill Lookout – learn the story of glaciation and its’ impact on the Bonnechere Valley. Also enjoy the beautiful view from the “Highest Populated Point in Canada.”
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The Tour de Bonnechere (Eganville, Ontario, Canada) is a timed self supported road ride that celebrates cycling in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. Challenge yourself to ride the short course (60k) in 2.5 hours or the long one (100k) in 3.5. This is not a race! Enjoy riding with like minded people at whatever pace you choose. A scenic family ride (18k) makes its way to Bonnechere Caves and back. Join us for our famous pot-luck BBQ and party afterwards! All proceeds support local charities.

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