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Had a wonderful time at the caves yesterday. My 1st visit (claustrophobic) but took 3 of my grandchildren to help me get through. Did not get to see you (Chris & Val) ... however your crew is fantastic. From the parking attendant to the ticket master to the canteen staff. All were pleasant and most welcoming. Special thanks has to to go to our guide Kyle ... simply provided us with the best experience we have had in a long time. All the Best ... We shall return!
Name: Mike Wendorf

First and foremost we would like to Thank Chris for your kindness in letting us Celebrate our 25th Anniversary inside the CAVE. What an Amazing and Fabulous way to celebrate such a special event that will be remembered forever. Hats off to our entertainer Marc Audet (singer/songwriter) being with us rendering a beautiful and engaging songs for us.Thank you Marc.

Chris you will always be in our hearts, your good deeds will stay forever. Once again Thank you so very much. On side notes, you have a very friendly staff, well trained and smart people.Your site is very organized, the moment you enter to the parking until the end of the tour. Kudos to you and your team.
Quote from Terminator movie: "We will be back"
Name: Evangeline Polakowski

This place is pretty awesome! Friendly, knowledgable staff and owner with great sense of humour. Loved the tour. The grounds are beautiful. And from my highly fussy 13 year old niece. "Worth the 5 hour round trip". Nothing I could say could top that! Need to go back with more time!
Name: Cherie Englehart

We had a great experience today at Bonnechere Caves. Owen, was our tour guide and was full of great info and stories. He answered all my questions with detail and is genuinely interested in such a marvel of Nature. My 8-yr old daughter was just thrilled to see real fossils and did not expect that surprise when visiting. We are very fortunate to have a great site just sitting in our backyards. And that people are willing to work hard to keep the history alive and preserve this amazing place. The tour was well-organized, informative and fresh. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable. The prices are reasonable and pictures are breath-taking. I've travelled to several parts of the World, but was just reminded today that you really don't have to venture off very far to capture the spirit, the passion and exurberence of Nature's overwhelming power to captivate, intrigue and spark the adventurous side that lies in us all. Thank you and we will be back again. Jeff, Nicole & Zoe
Name: jeff Narlock

hi chris.... as u know , i am married to a man who played in the Caves, before the caves were developed into the caves of today. i fell in love with him 45 years ago and later fell in love with the beautiful area that surrounds the caves. yes u sure have made the Caves a very interesting place to visit. i love the comment from Jennie on here----being proposed to by the falls------wow
Name: kathy kilby

It was touching to see how passionately you've been dedicating your life to preserve and promote the history and wonders of the Bonnechere Caves. Thanks again for the unforgettable weekend in Eganville.
Name: Gabi and Phil

My first visit was in "74" with my parents. My second was with my wife in "89?" . I hope that we will make it out there again. Maybe try out the Provincial Park and the water. The first visit everything seemed so big the second visit it seemed a little smaller but as the years go by it`s just a neat thing to see
Name: John Paul Brampton Ont

Just got back from a camping trip at Bonnechere Provincial Park and took a side trip to Eganville for the caves. Was an awesome experience! John was a really good guide and told us a lot of great information and stories about the first explorer of the caves. Well worth it for the caves and the beautiful scenery by the river.
Name: Joanne & Michael

So glad we decided to check out the caves on our way home from Ottawa this long weekend. As it was 27C outside, it was nice to wander around underground in the cool, drippy caves. Owen was a great tour guide - full of enthusiasm and wit!
Name: Sue & JP

As a child i would consider the Bonnechere Caves a treat to visit if i was good. Every year it was the same, boy i loved those caves. one day my older cousin came and i had finally reached the age to see the caves with friends, boy what a treat! Soooo the tour started and i couldnt wait i was telling my cousin everything about the caves i figured, having been here every year i could run the tour and thats when it went all wrong! to make a long story short i apprieciate the spead at witch your staff found me and my cousin in a off limits cave. i hope i didnt cause you to much pain its been 15 years ive matured and would love to show my kids one day, i would follow all rules and hold my kids hands just in case...never the less i will never forget the Bonnechere caves my uncle is Ike Igan and im the mischevious nephew Adam
Name: Adam St Pierre 705 232 0736

Chris, We were at Bonnechere cave today and what a pleasent surprise. You knowledge of the caves and your obvious passion for what you do made our tour an experience we will never forget. We will be bring our adult children by this summer to see what a gem you have in Ontario.

Thanks again,

Bob & Lisa
Name: Bob & Lisa

Hi Chris, and all the staff at the Bonnechere Caves. Thank-you for making our special day fantastic. We had a great time, the wedding was excelent, people loved the idea of having the ceremony (for the time ever)inside the caves. The setting was more then we could ask for, and the tour was fantastic. People will be talking about this for years to come. Meny thanks to all the helpers, couldnt ask for a nicer group of people. We will be celebrating each and every year, with the knowlege that "caves" will be there for us to enjoy...cheers to all
Name: Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McCormick, July 17th 2010

your a good man chris.keep doing it.
Name: shawn bradley

Hi Chris, My Grandfather would be so proud to see what an amazing job you and your family have done of developing "his caves" into what they are today! I have such great memories of going "spulunking" with him thru the caves. I am excited to one day share the history and the same experience with my own family. Thank you so much.
Name: Meriah Miguez, Thomas Woodward's Grand Daughter

My ex-husband and I visited the caves about 25 years ago , I am now going to take my current boyfriend , he is beside himself with excitement . At that time the original discoverer gave us the tour it was fantastic and I still remember him. I am looking forward to introducing my boyfriend to spulunking
Name: Diane Moore

Hi Chris, I had a wonderful time in the caves, I was a bit hesitant at first being afraid of confined places but before we went on the tour you had told me "you will be ok, you have him" meaning my then boyfriend. And you were right, I really do have him now since he proposed on the trail by the waterfall after the tour! Greatest day of my life!
We also purchased the picture that was painted by the lady across the street, it was exactly where he proposed! Your staff was so wonderful and told us to bring the print and she would sign it! Such an amazing memory!
Name: Jennie and Jeff

Hi Chris - had a great time on the Jack Donahue school trip. There's not enough space here to put in all my comments - so here's a link to a story I wrote about our time out there.

Thanks for a great day - the kids had a blast!
Name: Ian

The bonnechere caves rocks

My uncle and I visited Chris this year at the caves. I had a blast! what a fun and educational experience...I will be recommending the same experience to everyone! Thanks Chris! I will send you those pictures we promised
Name: Belinda & Bob

Chris, thanks for the help on the Christmas on the Bonnechere song...It means a lot you and me..Turtle Tim Beckett
Name: Turtle Tim Beckett

Thank you Andrea, for a great tour on September 26. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of the caves and geology was fascinating!
Name: stu (briarpatch1@hotmail.com)

My nephew and I came for an afternoon tour. We were lead through the cave by a wonderful young tour guide. He was interesting and well informed. We were told how the cave was formed and when it was discover and by what means it was first explored. The guide also showed us fossils that were found in the area. All very informative and fun. Now the rest of my family want to make a day of it. We plan on packing a picnic lunch and enjoying the view as well as the picnic tables provided along the trails. Thanks for making our visit a memorable one!
Name: Carol Pealow Pine Grove Motel Northbrook

It has been Years since I was there..Brought my 2 girls this time and they had a blast..What an experience for them, they were talking about it all the way home. Thanks for the great tour guide as well, He made it very exciting.
We will be back again,
A natural Wonder well worth the time to see !!!!!
Name: Ron, Nicolette & Breanna Jansen

About a week or so ago my girlfriend and I visited the Bonnechere Caves for the first time not knowing really what to expect. I am writing you with nothing but praise. The caves are fantastic!!!! But most of all the Tour Guide (Dan?) was the best tour guide we have ever had for anything. It's nice to have a tour guide that doesn't make things boring!! So thank you Dan for making our experience a memorable one.
Name: Trevor Kindree

I've visited Bonnechere Caves 4 times. It seems that every time I visit, there is something new to discover or something to view from a different angle. I love how nice and cool it is in the caves and the bats give this "young" cave a lot of character. A must see!
Name: Andrea Brabant

Amazing tour! Great guides and a fantastic host. Hats off to Chris and the Bonnechere Caves!
Name: Ross